So, the Karmasheetra has grabbed your attention, but before you purchase your own bedroom phenomenon, you need someone to answer that niggling question right?

Well, take a look below and find information you're looking for and gain knowledge beyond your wildest dreams...that you'll probably forget within 43 seconds!

1. Will the Karmasheetra make me a love making legend?

We can't promise...but you know what...maybe it could!

2. Will the Karmasheetra be delivered with a big sign and flashing lights that say "Naughty adult gift inside"?


Your Karmasheetra will just come in a plain postal bag I'm one will ever know the genius purchase you have made, such a shame.

3. Does the Karmasheetra come in different sizes?


The Karmasheetra is 200cm x 140cm (approx)

4. What is the Karmasheetra made from?

Material: 50/50 cotton-polyester blend

5. How do I wash my Karmasheetra?

In a washing machine, regularly and definitely before it becomes crispy.

6. How many positions does the Karmasheetra have?