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Product image karmasheetra.jpg



The Kama sutra on a sheet!

Through its unique design, the Karmasheetra guides its owner to try those naughty positions that you’ve always wanted to. No more awkward moments where you’re not quite sure where to put those hands and feet!
  • The Karmasheetra comes in one size.
  • Dimensions 200cm x 140cm (approx).
  • Discrete packaging.
  • Made from 50/50 poly cotton.
  • The Karmasheetra is NOT a fitted sheet.
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The perfect adult novelty gift

Why buy?

  • To help couples explore, experiment, connect, push boundaries and enjoy each other.
  • To provide last minute panic present for a wife/ husband who has forgotten their spouse's birthday.
  • To give best men and stag goers the best 'surprise' gift for the groom to be.
  • To aid maids of honour in making the most memorable 'hen night' ever!
  • To simply provide lovers with the most perfect valentines gift for both to share.
  • To give wedding guests that original, stand out, tongue in cheek but affordable wedding present (especially if you were only invited to the evening do!).
  • To allow employees the opportunity to embarrass a colleague at their leaving party.

Be aware though, there are risks. Here's the disclaimer...

The owners and distributors of the Karmasheetra cannot be held responsible for death, injury, groin strain, chafed front-bottoms or any other misfortune related either directly or indirectly through the use of the Karmasheetra.

The Karmasheetra is an adult novelty item and as such does not claim to make you into some kind of 'love goddess' or 'stud muffin'.

The owners and distributors of the Karmasheetra encourage the practice of safe sex. In fact using your Karmasheetra in areas that could cause injury isn't big or clever.