Wondering whether to buy one eh?

Well here's a quick guide to how it works...

1. Find a suitable partner.

2. Tell them that you have purchased an inexpensive item that will cause 'sparks' in the bedroom department called a Karmasheetra.

3. Take your Karmasheetra out of it's packaging and lay it out on a suitable surface (we suggest on the floor of a designated sound proofed/soft padded room void of any furniture and other objects that may cause injury in the throws of passion...or on your bed).

4. Get naked (optional).

5. Notice that the sheet is covered in Blue and Pink symbols - Blue is for 'him' and Pink is for 'her' (as if you didn't know that!).

6. Climb onto the sheet - Each 'position' is achieved by placing hands, feet, knees and bottoms in the correct place, matching the correct numbers (see right hand side of this page).

7. Change to as many positions as you can manage!

8. Have fun!


Her left hand goes here when doing position 6.


His knee goes here when performing doing  position 1.

    Her left foot goes here in position 3.


Her left foot goes here in position 3.


His bottom goes here in position 4.


Be aware though, there are risks. Here's the disclaimer...

The owners and distributors of the Karmasheetra cannot be held responsible for death, injury, groin strain, chafed front-bottoms or any other misfortune related either directly or indirectly through the use of the Karmasheetra.

The Karmasheetra is an adult novelty item and as such does not claim to make you into some kind of love goddess or stud muffin'. Money will only be returned to customers due to issues with faulty workmanship of their Karmasheetra and not due to poor sexual prowess or erotic performance...sorry.

The owners and distributors of the Karmasheetra encourage the practice of safe sex. In fact using your Karmasheetra in areas or in ways that could cause injury isn't big or clever.