Perhaps the Karmasheetra will help you master the subtle art of sensual seduction, foreplay and arousal...

Perhaps the Karmasheetra will allow you to find your inner 'karma' as you and your partner indulge in sheer unadulterated pleasure...

Perhaps the Karmasheetra is just a white sheet with hands and feet all over it!?

In simple terms the Karmasheetra allows you to try those positions in the bedroom that you've always wanted to do but were afraid to ask.

Whatever way you look at it you should still buy one. What's £28.95 for the amount of fun you're going to have?


Our Mission

The creators of the Karmasheetra have many goals, some have already been achieved, some will be achieved and some haven't got a chocolate teapot's chance of success...but that wont stop us trying!

Some of our main goals are as follows:

  • To help couples explore, experiment, connect, push boundaries and enjoy each other.
  • To provide last minute panic present for a wife/ husband who has forgotten their spouse's birthday.
  • To give best men and stag goers the best 'surprise' gift for the groom to be.
  • To aid maids of honour in making the most memorable 'hen night' ever!
  • To simply provide lovers with the most perfect valentines gift for both to share.
  • To give wedding guests that original, stand out, tongue in cheek but affordable wedding present (especially if you were only invited to the evening do!).

Karmasheetra is without doubt, the second best idea I ever had in the toilets of the Staines Pizza Express.
— Karmasheetra Inventor, Personal diary 2009.

What We've Achieved

Would you believe Alan Titchmarsh actually used the Karmasheetra live on his daytime show?

Click here to see Karmasheetra in action!


  • Penthouse Magazine features.
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